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Saturday, March 19, 2005 

Anger: Oliver Willis' Pride/Envy/Gluttony

Yep, its time to talk about Oliver Willis.

I try to avoid his site and I tried to stay away from commenting on anything "Willis" because my blogfather Ace, Wizbang and Bill from INDC are Soooooooo good at backhanding this mental midget.

Of course, it is important to note that I will not link him because I agree with Ace that he doesn't need the added traffic (not that I would give him much).

The fact that he is devoting most of his posts toward the advocacy of killing Terri Schiavo isn't enough, the past devotion to the Gannon stuff isn't enough, the Tom Delay and Brit Hume badgering isn't enough, his loose use of racial hot words (filthy in regard to Jews) while being the internet's most sensitive PC policeman doesn't get me started, but when he turns a blind eye to the whackjobs on the Left while painting anyone to the right of Stalin with the title "American Taliban", thats over the line.

Cousin Oliver:

The end goal of the religious far right - the Dobsons, Robertsons, Ashcrofts, and Falwells of the world - is indistinguishable from the goals of the Taliban and Mullah Omar

I am pretty sure that these gentlemen are not bent on world domination and enslavement of the population in service to a vengeful god to which they are the only gatekeepers. Nor are they willing to send misguided individuals onto busses, into nightclub queues or into busy shopping malls with bombs strapped to their bodies in the name of the Christian God. They don't send misguided souls to hijack planes in order to inflict terror on the American public. (I am sure Cousin Oliver would argue that the planes hitting the towers on 911 were morally equivalent to the collateral damage in Iraq, but anyone with a partially developed sense of morality would laugh out loud at that argument.) They haven't executed women in soccer stadiums for the sin of breaking a religious taboo or for the sin of being raped. They don't advocate killing female family members for the sake of "family honor".

If Cousin Oliver was even in the neighborhood of intellectual honesty, he would have realized that his bunch comes off MUCH worse in this sort of exchange. Using the same flawed argument above, one could make a much better case that the goal of the American left (Media Matters, MoveOn.org, International ANSWER) is indistinguishable from the goals of al-Zarqawi, the PLO, Syria and the old Soviet Union. One of these goals would be to outlaw any religious practice not in line with their own. The point could be made that they all support totalitarian governments over a free people. How about that they all root for the failure of the US in almost any endeavor.

One more thing... Oliver takes almost any opportunity to bash his fellow liberals for not being liberal enough. One might equate that sort of attitude with the Taliban and Mullah Omar. Something to think about while you eat sugar right out of the sack, Oliver.

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