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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Pride: I'm a Single Issue Voter

Until this very day I was planning to hold my nose and vote Republican this fall because, while they have not shown it, their platform aligns with my beliefs more closely than the Democrats. Other than a grand gesture that means nothing (say home) what choice do any of us really have? Professor Reynolds has been making some noise about a 3rd party lately, but I just can’t go and toss my vote on the trash heap in a manner that would help the far left gain control of the levers of power.

I have argued that we should go to the polls, hold our noses and vote Republican because:

  • The Left’s whackjobs are waaaaaaay scarier than the fringe wingnuts.
  • The Republicans at least say the right things.
  • Pro-Life plank
  • Homeland security

Something clicked in my head today. Everything became clear to me in a sudden flash of insight into my own beliefs. A rare moment when all three brain cells got together and decided this was a “work day”.

I am a single-issue voter.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that my issue is Alternative Energy/BioFuels.

I was reading this from Professor Reynolds and followed the link to Unity08 (a crazy-stupid idea by the way, but that’s a topic for another post). They had a poll up on the topics of the day. My first reaction was that they missed illegal immigration, but then I saw that they listed “Dependence on foreign oil” and the Red Sea parted before my mighty intellect.

Most of these problems simple go away based on the consequences of oil addiction and what actions we take today. Again, regular readers will shake their heads and say “well, there you go again”, and their right I am going off on this topic again.

Let’s look at the list that Unity08 puts forth along with illegal immigration.

Global Terrorism/Situation in Iraq

No matter what you think about the GWOT (I am a firm supporter), you can’t seriously argue that our oil addiction has nothing to do this it. If we didn’t rely on oil from that part of the world, we wouldn’t give a tinker’s dam about what happens in the Middle East. Sure Israel would be a hot topic, but what mischief could the Arab States really cause without petrodollars?

So, if we solve our energy issues, the GWOT slowly becomes a non-issue as the dollars stop flowing to our enemies. As a side benefit, Israel becomes secure and takes the lead on keeping the now bankrupt Arab States from causing trouble for the rest of the world.

National Debt

Without exporting huge amounts of cash to oil producers, the US Economy would roar like no other economy in recorded history. Even Congress might have trouble spending the additional tax revenue (I think they would certainly try). Imagine billionaire corn farmers in the Midwest, billionaire orange grove owners in the south, billionaire switchgrass ranchers in the southwest and west. The jobs from the decentralized (to reduce infrastructure and increase security) biofuels refineries would lift all boats.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that if we do nothing about AltEnergy, the economy will continue to be at the mercy of foreign powers. Foreign powers that don’t really care for us, our freedoms and our lifestyles. When the supply gets cut off (and it will in the next 5-10 years at the most), the National Debt becomes moot. So it’s all good.

Public Education and Health Care

Again, I refer to the post oil booming domestic economy. Funds will be available, people will be happier and kids will have a better world to grow up in. Nanotechnology will increase lifespans and quality of life. These are also areas where doing nothing about oil also solves the problems, but I am pretty sure that nobody wants that outcome.

Illegal Immigration

This is one area where solving the oil problem actually makes this problem worse, much much worse. The loss of petrodollars to Mexico and other Central/Latin American countries makes coming to the US more appealing. Add to that appeal the booming economy in the US and you get the picture.

This is why securing the border is so very important.

Simplistic? Sure. I am open to alternatives. Until then, I will support with my vote and my treasure any candidate with a reasonable plan to oil independence.

Blogs are a great way to test these kinds of ideas and see what others think. I also fully expect to look this up in a few years and see just how smart I am, or was..

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