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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Pride: In Defense of Games

Great article in today's WSJ OpinionJournal. Mr. Anderson hits all the required elements:

  • Reference to Hollywood box office... Check
  • Hyperbolic quote from a "conservative media critic"... Check
  • Uninformed Hillary! quote... Check
  • Reference to paragon of virtue Joe Lieberman... Check
Them he veers off the well trodden road:
  • Reference to past "new media" scares... Check
  • Overwhelming majority of game are not violent... Check
  • The Industry ratings system works... Check
  • Kids have $50-$60 in playin-around money?... Check
  • First Amendment defense... NO Check!
While missing the First Amendment and cost to the taxpayer angles, he still does a wonderful job of debunking the "Tipper Gores of the 21 Century" types. My favorite bit?
The truth is, critics are often ignorant of the moral universe of video games--violent games included.
Please, if you read anything today, read this, we need more of this type of anti-propaganda

(ht: cathyf)

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