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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Anger: ad Hominem BS

It seems that some people that hate Jeff Goldstein have taken his joking manner about the anti-anxiety medication he is on as an invitation to (fallaciously) attack his positions. Lord knows that Jeff doesn’t need me, a complete nobody with a low traffic hack blog, to defend his honor. He will acquit himself well, of that I am sure.

What I do want to say on the subject is that there is just some stuff that isn’t fodder for the ad hominem blog fun. Depression/anxiety treatment is clearly one of them. This 7 Sins post (content warning) responds to another.

In this case, it seems that the people throwing the bombs are trying to discredit Jeff because they can’t keep up with him rhetorically. In essence this is the classic ad hominem example: Jeff’s views on multiculturism and identity politics are wrong because he is nuts!

Here is another post on the topic of Jeff and civility, where many of the compassionate left argue that Jeff was asking for it. Where are these happy leftists when the idiot wing of the right says that a rape victim “was asking for it”?

Shorter Hamsher (et. al.): BECAUSE OF THE KLONOPIN!

Update: A good way to help Jeff out is to hit the tip jar during this beg-a-thon week.

Update II: Ace makes the point better than I did. [mumbles]...

Update III: See! I KNEW he would acquit himself with honor and wit. Classic Goldstein!

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