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Monday, April 24, 2006 

Pride: "Inheritance"

We have narrowed our search to you. Please help us by emailing us your full
name and phone number. We believe you might be the closest inheritor of a huge
family values and cash left under our care for many years back by your grand or
great grand relatives. Who have passed on a long time ago. This is very
important to us. Take it serious. This might be your final chance to claim
your inheritance. This is not a spam letter.
Send all your correspondence to KEM@ukpc.net

Kem Purr
International department SWB
WOW! You found me through an anonymous blog just by reading my anonymous writings? That seems weird as I have a personal presence on the web for my somewhat well known real life work.

You sent this email to my blog's anonymous email address and not to one of my many publicly available email addresses. I guess those other email addresses have advanced spam blockers on them that caused your message, despite the explicit statement that this mail is "not a spam letter".

Wait... shouldn't you have my full name and hence my phone number via a simple search? Hmm....

Well, I can't see the harm in sending out my personal information to this fine gentleman. Just to move things along I will also send my Social Security number, mother's maiden name and all credit card numbers.

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