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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Pride: E85 Price Check

E85: $2.35
E10: $2.89

What's going on that is causing these prices to jump? Am I missing something in the news or does Big Oil need more cash to pay off their departing CEOs?

Update: Ethanol producers say "Don't Blame Us!". Big Oil says ethanol producers can't keep up with their demand, so supplies get tight and prices go up. Not so fast says the Ethanol Industry.

They call the government's claim "disingenuous" and say their industry will be able to meet peaking demand for the changeover.
Hmmm. But then again, I am just too garsh dern ign'rt about dem der Gas Pricing sysms to cifer da meaning of dis.

You know, it might have something to do with this:
Refiners say that their lack of liability protection for MTBE pollution cleanups make the immediate changeover necessary.
Nah... Big Oil wouldn't jack up prices just to get special dispensation from Congress... would they???

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