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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Sloth: Celebrity Cooking Showdown

OK, I admit it, I LOVE “Celebrity Cooking Showdown”!

Despite the fact that I have never heard of most of the “celebrities” and the campy nature of having all the flashing lights, hockey goal sirens and cheering crowds, it is an interesting and fun show. Sort of Iron Chef America meets the WWE (WWF for us old fogies).

The list of “celebrities” is sub-“D-List”. You know you have trouble when the chefs have way more TVQ than the contestants. Hell, Alan Thicke hasn’t been on TV for 20 years and still has way more name recognition than these D-Listers.

BTW: WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO Cat Cora? On Iron Chef America she is OK, but for this show she has become a “Super Hottie”, still a bit short for my taste, but [wolf whistle] is she FINE.

In each of the three shows, I have found a “celebrity” that I could root for and one that I could actively root against. Only one of my favorites will be in tonight’s final round, so I am not very good at picking ‘em. My wife even loves to watch because he absolutely HATES the hat wearing, hyper critical, mean spirited judge/beeyach.

I have never seen the other shows in the “BLANK with Celebrities” genre, but because of my cooking hobby this one grabbed me. It does seem that more thought went into this iteration than in the dreadful sounding “Dancing” and “Skating” versions.

If you get the chance, TiVo tonight’s show. Its fun, in a mass-market over the top American way.

SUPER SECRET MESSAGE to Wombat: Giada De Laurentiis? Feh! CAT CORA is the new “Hot Food Babe”!

Update: Hammmana hammina hammina, woo woo!

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