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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Anger: Slummin’

I blame Goldstein, you will be hearing from my lawyers Jeff. Just sayin’

I got suckered into visiting the left-o-sphere by links on Jeff’s site. While this was a hobby of mine in the past, I gave it up for some reason. I quickly learned what that reason was...

At the first stop I learned that I like “trying to kill someone for being a nasty, sex-having whore”.

At the last stop I learned that I hate sex as well as all things pleasurable.

This isn’t about saving babies or postponing teenage sex. It’s about imposing an anti-sex, anti-pleasure mentality on all of us. It doesn’t end at abortion: If they win that fight, they’ll be coming after your contraceptives next, because it’s truly all about fitting every individual into their highly limited, extraordinarily bitter worldview.
I never knew just how bitter I have become.. Whowuddathought?

Update: Add to the above that I must think that "Because if you have sex, you deserve to die of AIDS."

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