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Monday, April 10, 2006 

Greed: Star Wars Kid Gets Some

The "Star Wars Kid" wins a large settlement. Judging from the video, this is the only "some" he is likely to get for quite a while.

I have done some very embarrassing stuff in my sorted past... hmmmm

France Bashing angle:

All the people in the story have French names. This makes the whole thing extra-funny to me, but then again I am "Mr. France Bashing". If you read the story with an obnoxious French Accent, the comedy becomes apparent. Add some "Maurice Chevalier"/Warner Brothers Cartoon "ohh ho ho"-type Frenchy mannerisms and you get pure comedy gold.

The names of these kids are a punctuation fan's wet dream.

three students accused of circulating the video, Michaël Caron, Jérôme Laflamme and Jean-Michel Rheault. ohh ho ho
When was the last time you have seen so many accents and umlauts in a sentence?

(Maurice Chevalier added)

(ht: Ace)

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