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Monday, April 03, 2006 

Anger: Attention Michigan Taxpayers

Contact your state reps and chastise them for WASTING YOUR MONEY.

The video game industry registered another big court victory today as a federal judge ruled Michigan's video game law unconstitutional and reaffirmed that "video games are a form of creative expression that are constitutionally protected under the First Amendment. They contain original artwork, graphics, music, storylines, and characters similar to movies and television shows, both of which are considered protected free speech."
I have said it before, I will say it again, these laws are criminally stupid. It should be clear, even to elected officials, that the courts are never going to allow the 1st Amendment to be overruled by state legislators.
"Judge Steeh's ruling represents a sweeping rejection of the state's claims regarding the harmful effects of violent video games and we will move immediately for reimbursement of the substantial legal fees incurred in this court fight which the state could have, and should have, never triggered," said ESA president Douglas Lowenstein.
Mr. Lowenstein should win without much trouble. The state was warned that they would lose, saw that other states with the same language lost and still went ahead with the law. Not only are these laws wrongheaded, they are very expensive to the taxpayers.

Please take note Senators Bayh, Lieberman and Clinton, proceed at your own peril.

(ht: Game Politics)

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