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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Pride: Interview

I somehow missed this article in the Washington Post last month. Confederate Yankee answers a list of questions from a reporter, of course this article would have been much more interesting if it were more like this:

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How to think like The Sinner

Wednesday , March 21, 2006; 8:32 AM

The Sinner is the author of the “daily” moron blog, 7 deadly Sins, according to which he has been "a fast food worker, part time preacher, tutor, web designer, and Video game superstar, just to name a few." He holds a Master of BS Arts degree from “an institution” and lives in “Parts Unknown” in the Great Midwest of the United States.

How would you characterize yourself politically?

As an outcast of both the Libertarian and Republican parties. The Libertarians tossed me out due to my strong pro-life position, my pro-war position and my insistence that the Feds start preparing for the post oil world. I left the Republicans because they are hypocrites in the extreme on virtually everything the supposedly stand for, like low spending and small government.

What one issue do you think readers should be most concerned about, and what's your position on that issue?

Alternative energy. We can, and will, handle Iraq, Iran and North Korea. They all may be smoldering, radioactive holes in the earth’s crust, but they will cease to be a threat to Western Civilization. No matter how successful we are in the GWOT, the fact remains that oil will always be the biggest limiting factor on our freedom, security and way of life. The faster we acquire the means to leave oil behind, the better our chances in the GWOT as well as the survival of our civilization. No idea is too crazy to get a pilot program, no amount of money is too much to spend on developing technologies that have real promise. Building the infrastructure for delivering alternative energy should be the top priority, only after immediate national security priorities.

What or who first got you interested in writing opinion columns?

Jeff Goldstein of protein wisdom still inspires me, but really the fact that so many hacks out there have been making “crazy blog money” while putting out absolute crap made me think “Man, if these no-talent, insufferable, pompous, jackholes can do this, why can’t I?” Thus a new outlet for slightly different crappy content was born.

Where's your home town?

Right here in the Great Midwest. I am a creature of my upbringing. I have a solid work ethic, value honesty and loyalty, and have a strong concern for others. Above all, I value family above anything in the universe.

What books have most influenced your thinking?

Harry Browne’s “The Great Libertarian Offer” and the “Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad!” series of social commentaries.

What Web sites (if any) do you find most useful?

I usually hit every site on my blogroll every day, some more than once. I also read Insty and other stuff that isn’t really interesting but keeps me from actually having to work.

If you weren't a blogger, what other occupation(s) would you consider?

You mean people actually do this for a living?!?! You bitches have been holding out on me! (code for “click on the links!”).

Please ask yourself a question that wasn't listed above and provide an answer.

Isn’t that your job Mr. Straus? Well, OK, I’ll byte.

Mr. Sinner, just why are you so fantastic and why doesn’t anyone know about your wonderful site?

Well, I am glad you asked such an insightful and probing question Mr. Straus! I am not really all that fantastic, more like “well above average and highly entertaining”. I owe it all to me, nobody helps me, I have no writers and I have no “little people” to thank (though it would be fun to have midgets around, sort of like Kid Rock or Dr. Evil). I work hard and produce a fun, exciting, informative and witty site that should be widely read but isn’t. For that I blame Glenn Reynolds. He is clearly afraid that I would steal all of his traffic if word of the wornder of 7 Deadly Sins got out.

I mean, why settle for “Heh” when you can have “Feh!”?

UPDATE: You mean people make American Dollars blogging? Getthefrickouttahere!

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