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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

Pride: I am not alone

I have often said that if gays want to get married, let 'em! Why should the law reward gays with immunity from marriage? The only question is how will the courts decide which of the people with male genitals will get the shaft?

The American Digest puts is much more articulate than I am on the subject:

I cannot wait to welcome my gay brothers and sisters to the Holy Realm of Sanctified Bliss. I believe with every drop of rain that falls that any two or three or four or more of gay, straight, quadrogendered, pawed or tentacled Americas that want to get into a marriage should not only be encouraged, but tossed headlong into the institution before they sober up and snap out of it.
I think it just dandy that gays should be treated equally to the "joys" of marriage as well as the "fun" of divorce.
Gay Americans say that without marriage they are, like the slaves of yesteryear, only half-a-person. Let us remove all impediments to their assuming of whole-person-hood, so that at least half of them can learn that special feeling of being a whole person with half your previous net worth.
Be careful what you wish for!

Besides, just how fabulous would a gay wedding be? It might be worth the price of admission just to see that.

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