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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Pride: Common Sense in Delaware

From an editorial on Delaware Online:

Too often it was the parents [buying violent games -ed]. Some not only buy the games, but they play them with their kids as well.

How is the state going to stop this kind of stupid behavior?
Good Point! Good sense continues:
The responsibility belongs squarely on the parents.

They should be supervising not only what video games their children play, but what movies they see and what they do on the Internet. They should be asking what kind of games their children's friends are playing.
Will the censorship crowd accept this? When pigs fly. Maybe they will dig this argument:
And if the state takes over this function [censoring games -ed], what kind of police powers would be involved? Will the state be supervising play dates? Would the state actually be effective in enforcing such a law? Or would the law become another dead-letter restriction that is revived periodically when someone raises a stink?

Video-game supervision belongs in the family, not in the halls of the legislature.
I guess that would presuppose rational thought, so I guess not.

(ht: Game Politics)

Note: The title of this post is a poke at this pro-censorship site, where "common sense" is not very common.

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