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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Pride: Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein is busting out the big words in a wonderfully crafted, if not a tad pedantic1, post on the Clash of Civilizations and the role of the “tolerance gang” as enablers.

Jeff helps us define the concept of “Free Speech” when used by the identity whores:

“Free speech is good so long as it tolerates our right, as an identity group, to dictate which free speech is authentic and allowable. Otherwise, y’know, we get to torch shit.”

No truer words were ever committed to electrons. He goes on to say this:

freedom of speech—reduced (for purposes of this debate) to its core, animating mandate and protection—is PRECISELY the ability to look religion in its pious face and flip it the bird.

This is something that the most radical Christian groups have, mostly begrudgingly, figured out. Freedom of speech protects those that would blaspheme just as Freedom of Religion protects the believers from religious ghettoes like those found in the Islamic World. If one of these freedoms is abridged, the other comes tumbling down. The Islamic rioters have not learned this and should suffer the fate that Christians have seen for themselves if they were to react too strongly to their critics here, namely the ending of their protected state under Freedom of Religion.

I have not written on the Danish cartoons here, mainly because people like Jeff, Sobek and tee bee (lots more than just this) have been doing such a great job, joining the choir seemed pointless. I agree with the people that have pointed out that Christians have been the target of much worse blasphemy (lets not even talk about the Joooooooos) and have managed to restrain themselves from burning down embassies and rioting in the streets.

Of course, there are apologists and appeasers that think that they are doing good by firing editors and issuing conciliatory statements. I wish it weren’t so. They may succeed in settling down the riots, but the clash is coming. It isn’t the West that is pushing the world toward a full out Clash of Civilizations, but we it is the West that is giving ground by these foolish and short sighted actions.

The pictures from the riots have concerned me greatly and I can’t help but wonder how Iran and their nuclear programs figure into this situation. I think we can safely assume that the bomb is not ready in Iran because Denmark would be a smoking ruin right now.

After Tel-Aviv, of course.

1Sorry Jeff, I couldn’t resist

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