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Friday, February 03, 2006 

Anger: Ethanol

In the comments of this post on the new “Bomb Squad” section of Wizbang! I saw a typical Ethanol detractor that got under my skin when he said:

Whenever somebody mentions "ethanol" as a solution to our national energy problems, I have to consider him addled
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So, Charlie, What should we do?

Please "consider me addled" because I would love to see ethanol research proceed.

Consider me addled because I would like to see a liquid fuel developed that can be used in just about every car in the US that does not fund terrorism.

Consider me addled because I want energy sources the WE control instead of the nutcases of the world.

Most of all, consider me addled because I have learned all I can about the situation and have come to a conclusion other than yours.

Ethanol detractors always follow this pattern, they parrot Pimental (who has his own problems with accuracy and funding) and smugly suggest that anyone that disagrees with Pimental is a moron.

Yes, Ethanol has less energy on a gallon to gallon basis. Yes, the energy balance is (currently) somewhere between a small net loss and a small net gain. Yes, the costs are higher than 2000 Petrol.

Can’t you concede that technology will continue to increase ethanol yields or that new and better feedstocks will be put to use or that energy balance means nothing when we are talking about electricity and plant energy (not useable in cars) turning into a very usable liquid fuel?

Most of all, if you are going to dismiss me and the many other ethanol supporters, you could at least point to a viable solution for the oil problem.

By the way, here are today's prices:

E10 $2.24
E85 $1.81

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