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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Envy: Little know fact RE: Rep. Woolsey

7 Deadly Sins... Mostly Sheehan, most of the time... at least lately.

Ms. Sheehan got herself arrested at the State of the Union speech last night. Wizbang! has the typical commentary with trackbacks if you want to read more, but I want to talk about Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D - CA).

In the old saying "California is like natural cereal, what ain't fruits and nuts is flakes", Ms. Woolsey is a flake. I lived in her district (Marin and southern Sonoma counties) the year she was first elected. She was significantly behind in every poll until her Republican opponent died unexpectedly (as if someone would expect to die). She used her opponent's lack of exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide to great advantage. His campaign took a decidedly bad turn once his campaign speeches got real boring and quiet. Ms. Woolsey squeaked out a victory over the corpse.

The Wikipeda entry for Ms. Woolsey states that her dead opponent was "diagnosed with a brain tumor and was unable to campaign much" is a gross understatement, at least as far as I recall. I clearly remember going into the voting booth wearing a Filante button that had a black ribbon on it.

Yes, I voted for the dead guy. In fact, 2 years later she ran unopposed and I wrote in “Bill Filante” again.

Through the power of incumbency, she has held onto the seat for over 15 years. I guess being in Marin County also had something to do with it.

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