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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Pride: State of the Union

I heard the 2 things I wanted to hear:

1) Tax cuts to be made permanent
2) Ethanol Technology funding

The bit about 6 years to cut 75% cut of Middle East oil imports is music to my ears. As was The President reeling off of the Ethanol sources.

I just hope he and the Congress can made good on this promise.

Update: Tim Kaine is a complete idiot. He works hard to establish his bona fides as "fiscally responsible" then proceeds to say that we should spend more on Health Care, Education and Military Equipment. What the heck? How can you criticize spending by advocating more spending?

And this is someone that gets mentioned as a Presidential Candidate...

Bring it on.

Update II: If you are commenting on your blog regarding the State of the Union, trackback here to make a roundup of reactions.

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