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Friday, January 20, 2006 

Sloth: Too Funny

I know that many, if not all, of my readers also read Ace of Spades HQ, but the video that Guest Blogger Wunderkraut posted is just too funny to miss.

This is why "Family Guy" is funny. Lots of stuff that they do makes my wife hate the show, so as a good husband I rarely get a chance to see it. If there were more of this and less of the stupid/non-funny Christian-based jokes, I might be able to get it on TiVo once in a while...

Here is a sample of this discussion:

Me: Hey, let’s watch "Family Guy", the TiVo picked it up!
Wife: NO! I hate that show, it is offensive to Christians!
Me: Aw, come on.. lighten up. Learn to laugh at yourself!
Wife: [Ululates]
Me: Jeeese, you don’t have to go all "Taliban" on me...
Wife: Well, go ahead and put it on... if you want your daughter to be exposed to that kind of filth!
Me: [Deletes the show from the TiVo]

At that point I began to menstruate... Well maybe not menstruate, more like bleed because my penis fell off.

Linked to: basil's blog.

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