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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

Anger: Video Game School Ad

This is honest-to-God a real ad (it was the sponsor's ad for another video I was watching). I laugh so hard I cry every time I watch it. I cry because it is funny, then I cry for the state of our youth that gets caught up in this bullcookies.

If I were writing a parody of Game School Advertising, I couldn't do any better than this. A fine example of self parody:

Female Boss: Are you guys done testing that game yet? I have another one that needs to be designed!
First of all, there is the issue of the boss being a woman, like there are actually females in the industry, let alone in supervisor positions. Second, if you are going to your testers for design work, you got serious issues.

Moron: Man, I can't believe we got jobs doing this!
Idiot: And my Mom said I wouldn't get anywhere with games!
Yeah, working in the games business is all about sitting around and playing games, or doing high end, glamorous, creative work. The reality is that starting testers get to play "Barbie's Dream House" 8 hours a day, 20 hours a day in crunch. Once you get to be an experienced tester you get to play the same game for weeks/months/years on end. No matter how cool the game, it isn't fun if you are forced to play for hours on end and have to document everything you do and see. It is true that some testers get moved up into production roles, but I wouldn't count on it. More likely just when you are noticed, you will be fired for costing too much and will have to start over at another company. If our friends above were in a situation remotely realistic, they would be in a tiny cubicle with horrible light staring at a TV with bloodshot eyes, they would also plead with you to kill them in order to make the voices in their head stop.

Now tell me that these schools aren't playing to the fantasies and gullibility of young adults. FEH!

Not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusetts
Or for anyone with two active brain cells to rub together!

Actually, maybe I could do a better parody... Maybe taking the "Dork Porn" angle:

Mega Cool Boss BABE: Hey guys! We just got another multi-million dollar game to design, oh I see you are playing a game... I got next!
Super Hip Game Jockey: No way momma, you got ME!
[Cue do-wacka-wacka-do music]
Both lick lips lustily
[Fade to black]
Super Hip Game Jockey: We that was fine baby, but I got throngs of groupie chicks to do.
Mega Cool Boss BABE:: What about that new game? I need it designed!
Super Hip Game Jockey: It's only another mil, we got better things to do!

Deep Voice Over: This could be YOU! Just sign up for our classes and you will be on your way to more fame, money and babes than you ever thought possible!

(H/T for the video to Martoon)

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