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Sunday, January 01, 2006 

Sloth: NFL Week 17

5-2-1 today, much better than my normal week.

That brings the total to 17-19 for the regular season.

Packers end 4-12 and get the 5th Pick overall next April. I hope that they trade down to get more quality picks and use them on the Offensive (in more ways than one) Line.

Signings/Resignings are going to have to wait for Brett's decision.

If he comes back, we need to get Amman Green and another quality Receiving Weapon via draft or free agency. Maybe Rod Gardner is the answer there. Familiar faces will be key along with an upgraded O-Line.

If he does not then I would look to the draft for running back and defense help, giving the current O-Line another chance next year to gel. Maybe Aaron Rodgers will be able to dodge and create if there is a stud halfback. If Brett is gone the Salary Cap will take a big hit, which could be a factor.

Either way, there are lots of holes to fill.

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