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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

Envy: 2005

2005 was yet another crappy year in a parade of crappy years. This parade has been so long that I can’t remember that last New Year’s that I could honestly say that I had a good year. I know that some people will be bent out of shape at this, but they are also the people understand why I feel as I do.

The Bad:

6 Months with no income whatsoever.
Having to move far from my house before I could sell it.
Still waiting for a sale to happen.
After 6 months of modest income, not being back in financial health.
My health issues, both mental and physical.
My Wife’s health issues, both mental and physical.
Yet another “poor man’s Christmas”.
The death of a dream, or nightmare depending on my mood.
The Packer’s season.

The Good:

My daughter. Everything about her.
Finally escaping the Game Industry, if only partially.
This blog as a place to vent and create.
Did I mention my daughter?
Not spending New Year’s Eve with the ungrateful assholes from last year.

I envy normal people. Normal people have normal years. They have ups to go with the downs. They don’t have consecutive and seemingly unending years of complete crap. If they do, they don’t realize how crappy it is or have enough optimism to delude themselves into thinking that next year will be “their year”.

My daughter makes the good side of the ledger better than it has any right.

2005 can’t end fast enough for me. 2006 has GOT to be better!

(Right? “Please say right”.)

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