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Monday, October 24, 2005 

Pride: Dems alternate Tax Form

Via TaxProfBlog, we learned that The President's Tax Reform Panel Releases PowerPoint Presentation, Sample Tax Forms.

Not to be outdone by the Rethuglicans, Howard Dean and the DNC released thier tax simplification plan. Here is the new form:

Dems Alt Tax Form (Click for full size image)

Chairman Dean explains that this form will be as simple as taxes can be, noting that all the taxpayer has to do is enter the amount earned from their W2 then add the interest earned from any savings accounts. Transpose that number to the "Amount you Owe" lines and Viola! Your taxes are complete for another year. "This new form would save literally hours or even days of anguish for the typical taxpayer. The Presidents plan is much too complicated" says Dean at the press conference.

When asked about deductions, Mr. Dean replied "Deductions are for 'Rich Folks' and the average taxpayer doesn't need or even want them. This form is designed for simplicity, if it helps use balance the budget by making the rich pay more, I am all for it."

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