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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

Anger: E85 Report

I went traveling this week. I did WAY more driving than I usually do and so I have an E85 Price report, earlier that usual.

E10 $2.49
E85 $2.39

Since I was "on the road", I didn't get to my normal supply of E85. I was really happy to find another station just when I was resigned to E10, but the price was way higher than I expected. I guess I should thank my regular supplier for having a more realistic price. I will continue to go there when I can. At least I was able to get E85, but it seems that the per-gallon discount is highly variable across dealers.

I took a reading of mileage on the trip and I got 26 MPG on E85. This compares to the listed estimate of 28 MPG (highway) from Ford. Not a scientific study, but better than I expected.

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