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Monday, October 17, 2005 

Gluttony: Infidel Food

The Carnival of Recipes is up and it features today's most un-PC ingredient: Pork!

I am a BIG fan of pork, just not the spending kind. Nothing quite makes a stir-fry as tasty as pork-product, especially if it is "Krusty Brand Pork Product"! A day without Bacon is like a day without dicking around with Blogging.

As much of an Infidel as I am, maybe this is taking it a bit too far. Without a doubt I am just as much a kafir and the next Infidel, but for the love of God, SPAM?!?! [shutter] Not to mention Cream of Mushroom Soup from a CAN no less, yummmm salt-tastic!

Hmmm.. maybe I should try it. That recipe hits all of the 5 food groups (Salt, Starch, Grease, Beer and Bacon!) as long as you wash it down with a Fine Wisconsin-Based Beer.

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