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Saturday, October 15, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Week 6

With my beloved Packers on the bye week, I am forced to pick the game that has the most bearing on the fortunes of the Packers. This week it is the Vikings and Bears. As you might well imagine, I have to great love for either of these teams.

Vikings (1-3) at Bears (1-3) (-3) Over/Under: 37.5

Most people would pick Culpepper over Orton at Quarterback, I am not “most people”. Culpepper has the entire team on his shoulders and lackluster talent surrounding him, Orton is a rookie with no expectations with a better supporting cast. The Bears are telling Orton to “no lose” and the Vikings are telling Culpepper “do something to win, you overpriced hot dog vendor”, advantage: Bears.

The Bear’s offensive talent is much better when you consider that Nate Burleson is out for the game.

The Bear’s defense will be motivated after being exposed last week by Trent Dilfer and the Browns. Go back to week 2 and see that I have a great amount of respect for Dilfer. He really showed his stuff in two passes late in the game. Any team that suffered that sort of collapse will be looking for blood the next week and I am sure that the Vikings offense will oblige.

The Vikings also have a player scandal to deal with this week. Just keep adding the distractions, its not like they have enough problems.

I’ll give the points and take the Bears. I will also take the UNDER.

Vikings 3
Bears 13

Fantasy Players: Brian Urlacher, Kyle Orton

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