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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 


This guy is suggesting the Sen. Kerry (D-France) should sue the Swift Boat Vets for libel! There is soooooo much to love from this suggestion!

The spectacle of a 2008 primary candidate appearing in court to testify!

John Kerry is scheduling appearances in Iowa again, leaving little doubt he harbors hopes of another shot at the presidency in 2008.
A libel suit filed in order to chill dessent!
A few well-chosen libel suits might give pause to the well-funded smear campaigns that are taking over American politics on both the left and right.
A chance to force the Senator to defend his actions in Vietnam, under oath!
Kerry would have a heavy burden of proof if he decided to sue, but he might be able to show at least a reckless disregard, perhaps even knowing falsehood.

Some uncommon “common sense” from the author:
For them, there is only one remedy — an educated citizenry with a low tolerance for being fed propaganda dung and a willingness to shun politicians and their surrogates who spoon it out.
You mean surrogates in the MSM, like you for instance?

I can get behind that.

(H/T) SluBlog

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