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Saturday, September 10, 2005 

Greed: Packers Week 1 Prediction

A new regular feature here at 7 Sins will be my weekly display of pathetic NFL prediction skills. I will try to predict the outcome and some highlights of the Packer game every Saturday.

Week 1 Green Bay at Detroit (-3) Over/Under: 46

The Packers will have huge problems covering the very talented Lion receivers. There will be huge plays to be made, if Joey Harrington can make the throws. My bet is that he can’t. Mooch will have a very quick hook with known quantity Jeff Garcia on the bench. I don’t think it will come this week unless something completely awful happens. We will see lots of “that would have been 6 if Joey got the ball to him” tomorrow.

The Packers offense is still world class, if the Guards hold up. Look for Bubba (gotta love the name) Franks to have a big day with the Packer’s speed on the outside and Brett looking to not get himself killed due to poor blocking. Amman Green has issues off the field and I think they will dog him on the field, look for Davenport to have a big day.

Despite recent history, this is a big game for the Packers. Opening day on the road against a division rival that they should beat. This game sets the tone for the pre-bye schedule. The Pack is unsettled on defense (to be charitable) and on the offensive line. The play of the guards and CBs will tell the tale of this one. The Lions have a strong WR group and a future star at RB, the questions all revolve around the space between the QB’s ears.

Now down to brass tacks.

The play this week is the over.
Heck, both teams might score more than 46 EACH.

Also, take the points.

Green Bay    48
Detroit        45

Fantasy Player: Bubba Franks, Brett Farve, any Lion Receiver

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