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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar INXS, Booting show

JD?!?! The encore was voted to freaking JD?

There is something wrong with the universe and the world is spinning off its axis. What a bunch of morons my fellow Rockstar: INXS fan are. What the heck, dudes?

The song with INXS and all five rockers could be a good one, once it is sung by just one voice. Time will tell. BTW, don’t try and tell me that the performance wasn’t rehearsed, it was clear to me that it was not an improv performance.

What the heck is this crap with reading off the early votes, major waste of time.

Watching Jordis is painful. Blows the tune, is off key and then screws the lyrics of one of the most recognizable INXS songs.

Susie rocks. What a great voice. What a babe. What a talent. Top 2 for sure.

Justice! JD is the last member of the bottom 3! Too bad Jordis sucked so hard and he did a good job with “Mystify”. JD lives another week, crap.

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