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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar INXS - Thursday Thoughts

Was it me or did Jordis truly stink up the joint last night? I just can’t wrap my head around her performance. We all have heard her be fantastic as well as average, but never truly awful. Was that the worst performance of the show? It was closer to William Hung than to the front for a major rock band.

It occurred to me that JD was an Elvis Impersonator. One of the reasons he is so good at avoiding “you’re just not right for our band, INXS” is that he must have studied the back catalog and old videos of the band and created a credible impersonation of Michael Hutchens. I hope that the band doesn’t pick a doppelganger (not to mention a jerk) to front them. Jordis saved JD’s hide this week. I don’t think he will get another gift like that in his life.

Every time Susie is in the bottom 3, she adds to the case for her to be the winner. When seeing and hearing her the first time, I thought that she would be gone early because she couldn’t do justice to the back catalog. Every time I see her do one of those songs, I realize she can do them with great skill and feeling. Her ability to fit into the back catalog and the new direction she could take the band vocally is the best case scenario for INXS. Having a hot babe in front wouldn't hurt; those dudes are pretty ugly.

I really like Marty. Until this week, he was my pick to win it all. He has not been in a position to do INXS music due to his powerful performances; this may actually be hurting him now. Of course, next week only one rocker will be safe. If it is Marty, and it certainly could be, it might spell the end of his chances. INXS needs to hear him doing their music to see how he fits with their vision.

Mig is great. His range of emotion and energy is fantastic. He is dogged by his roots in theatre and his nationality. I think INXS might be of a mind to pass over a countryman just to avoid the appearance of favoritism or the contest being “fixed”. I also think they are looking for someone to shake up the mix a little, but not TOO much.

I am looking for Mig or JD to be gone next week.

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