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Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Sloth: Waiting for Football

Have I ever mentioned that I really love football?

The dark days of "not-football season" (which is too long!) are coming to an end. Training camp is open and a few football related stories are starting to trickle in. As usual, this is not enough to quell my need. Thankfully Dave from Garfield Ridge unwittedly helps by pointing to this old David Flemming piece.

I am a "sometimes fan" of ESPN Page 2, The Flem File and Nick Bakay are usually top notch football-related humor. This piece will make any red-blooded american male smack his knees together at least 3 times as well as cry from laughing.

Flem's finest work.

Anyway, this post will serve as warning to all that "football madness" is just around the corner. I expect to post bunches of "Sloth" on the subject.

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