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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

Pride: The Return

We made it back in one piece.

The trip was mostly sucecessful:

    got done what we planned... check
    saw people we wanted to see...check
    got on each other's nerves... check and check

Came home to a hot house and promptly hit the air and went for a ride, which should tell you just how hot is was in there, like I needed to put in some more driving time...

Didn't find any of the E85 pumps along the way, which was sort of expected. I was forced to return to E10 [shutter...GAS] for most of the trip. The original tank of E85 took us just a bit short of where we filled up last time when taking this trip, so it was the first time I noticed any reduction of mileage. It was about 20 miles short out of 300, so the drop was not enough to offset the price difference.

I filled up at my local E85 pump this morning, so I am back on track.

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