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Saturday, March 12, 2005 

Envy: Ward Churchill

Shape of Days has a good opinion piece on the whole Ward Churchill flap.

Should Ward Churchill have been prevented from teaching because he's got some wacky ideas? No.

But he should have been prevented from teaching because of what is becoming an obvious disregard for things like truth and integrity.

Clearly he is envious of all the hard work that others have done and took it upon himself to steal it. At my last count, the count of incidents is up to 3. If CU pays buys his silence, it will only have rewarded bad behavior. There should be no question about if he should go, I think most anyone would agree that plagiarism is more than enough to qualify him for the street, but how the boot will be applied. CU would be well advised to make a large deal about the academic dishonesty and boot him with extreme prejudice.

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