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Saturday, March 12, 2005 

Pride: Dan Rather

A Self-serving and slobbering tribute to Mr. Rather on the CBS News site.

If I were running that circus, I would be putting as much distance between me and Dan as I could, but pride gets in the way of good business.

Based on this piece of biased reporting, I would say that CBS is still on the downward spiral. The facts get in way of the reporter's story, so after reporting the wonderful success that is Chile's private account system, the reporter feels the need to throw some cold water on the success. Lucky for us, this reporter is so dumb that a few red herrings are used to make the point.

But critics say it's a system with serious flaws.

Asked what he thinks of AFP, a tomato salesman says in Spanish, "It's something that's not worth the trouble."

Many of Chile's poorest workers, like this tomato farmer, say they can't afford to put away 10 percent of their pay.
But he COULD afford to pay the 10% in payroll taxes for a bankrupt system....
Nearly half of Chile's workforce is self-employed and many are seasonal workers who rarely declare income, pay taxes or contribute to their pensions. These people have little to retire on, other than the government's guaranteed payment of $150 a month.
People that would never pay into a Social Security system are used to point out that the private account system is flawed, nice...

CBS can't go away fast enough...

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