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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Envy Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage amendment goes down in flames
(activists enthuse: "fAa-BU-lous").

I may come as a surprise to many loyal readers, but I am actually in favor of gay marriage. Gays should not be exempt from the suffering and personal/financial carnage that is marriage.

Gay marriage activists only see the “benefits” of being married, not the inevitable downside. I would go so far as to suggest that currently gays are totally in a better position in regard to family law. In the beginning of a long term relationship, while the rest of us are getting major pressure from all sides to get married, gays can say “Sorry, I would totally love to marry you, but the State wont let me!”. At the end of a long term relationship, they don’t surrender half their income and assets because there is no marriage. I would so love to see the judge in the first divorce case involving a gay couple. I bet his/her head would explode trying to figure out which person in the marriage the state should punish and how this judge would allocate assets (usually based on the owner of male genitals). Even more fun when we see the first gay divorce involving kids... Fun to be had by all!

As for said “benefits”, what the heck are they? A lower tax rate? Sure, if only one partner works. Assignment of Social Security benefits at death, I can kind of see that. Only if you believe people getting married today will ever see dime-one of Social Security (I don’t).

Of course, the best solution would be for the Government (at all levels) to get out of the business of defining marriage and other social constructs. Leave it to the church or to contract law.

So, what’s the big deal? I say let ‘em get married and suffer with the rest of us!

Update: I stand by this post on Comedy intent and real feeling, but as some of you might have seen my comments at trouble's blog that I am a tad down on marriage lately... well actually more like fire breathing/stark raving mad.

And I was doing soooo well... except for that Broccoli incident, but I am feeling much better now!

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