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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

Envy: Capital Punishment

Jay Tea over at Wizbang! makes me think about capital punishment vs. Life in Prison:

To the opponents of capital punishment, they say this is a far better deterrant than death. The thought of having to spend the rest of one's natural life a prisoner of the state, forever locked up with no hope of freedom, just the same four walls day after day, month after month, year after year, until you finally die, is to many people a far more terrifying thought than the relatively quick, painless lethal injection. It's a compelling argument.
[Note: Bolding mine and he goes on to make a great argument for my position that capital punishment is necessary. The following is my sick mind at work.].

Yep, it sure is a compelling argument. I mean, dude who would want to live in a tiny cell for the rest of your life and get 3 square meals a day and have the taxpayers finance your higher education. Not to mention the squalid conditions found in US prisons, with last year’s workout equipment, BASIC cable and only occasional access to the Internet.


That sounds better than my life.


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