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Monday, December 19, 2005 

Anger: Still more Censorship

The following is a comment I left at fellow Insta-linked Entropy Manor on the subject of video game censorship.

We agree on the fact that this is a bad bill and that games should not be regulated, but we get to that conclusion from different paths.

Video games are art. If you can agree with that, then it is a simple leap to my position that the 1st Amendment applies to the genre. No matter how offensive we find some works of “art”, to censor them is unthinkable. It also helps to see the 1st Amendment apply if your job is dependent on the video game industry.

The chilling effect on game makers that this bill would create would destroy the industry, even my little shop that specializes in the non-violent and non-sexual games for adults. I would seriously consider just walking away (more than I have already) if my casual games (like Chess and Mahjongg) had to go through a Federal Review for sex and violence. Who can tell what some uptight, uninformed jerk would find offensive.

Limiting the 1st Amendment to political speech would severely curtail a free society.

Luckily, I don’t think this bill will get far in the courts. It’s a shoe-in to be passed, as sad as that might be. The industry has to rally against this bill; all our jobs depend on it.

Update: "Your comment is awaiting moderation.", how strange considering two later comments are posted... Nobody loves me...

Update II: Comment released! I am loved again... well not loved... not despised as much as before, I guess.

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