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Saturday, December 17, 2005 

Sloth: NFL week 15

With momentum after a rare win, the Packers get another trip to Monday Night Football against a Ravens team coming off one of the worst performances of any team this year.

Packers (3-10) at Ravens (4-9) (-3.5) OU: 33

Gato fever, catch it! Samkon is an instant star in Green Bay and a positive story in an otherwise dismal year. I think he continues his fairy tale run on Monday even against a very good defense. If Brett can keep within himself, the stage will be set for the second rout by the Packers this season.

The Ravens still have a strong defense, not the dominant defense that they have had in past years, but still a very good group. The problem in Baltimore is the offense. In this they mirror the Packers very well, good defense, inexplicably bad offense. Well, there is an explanation for the Ravens, Kyle Boller. When you QB is this bad, even Jamal Lewis can get a running game going.

The Packers will load up against the run on defense and force Boller into bad passing situations. If the struggling Packer offense can get virtually anything going, the chances for a win are very high.

With the Lions playing losing to the Bengals, the Packers will have a chance to crawl into a 3rd place division tie. I think they will in (possibly) the final Monday Night Football appearance of Brett Favre. Taking the points and the OVER.

Packers 24
Ravens 12

Fantasy Player: Samkon Gato (who else?)

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