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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Anger: Discrimination

[Begin incoherent rant]

I have often thought that there was one group in this country that it was acceptable to discriminate against, that being White Males and the most reviled of all, White Heterosexual Males. They can be openly called racists and Nazis, courts can overwhelmingly rule against them based on their gender, and laws can be Constitutional that names them directly as targets.

I have friends that have lost everything dear to them because they happen to have a penis and a smart ex-wife. That shameful penis brands us as “violent” and “sexist” in any situation where someone wants an advantage over us. I have personally been accused of domestic violence when my wife entered an emergency room after misreading a prescription label and taking too much of the drug. Why? Because when a man brings an unconscious woman into the ER, he must be guilty of some wrongdoing.

The latest in this series comes from Cathy Young who smartly points out that men have no reproductive rights and yet bear all the financial burdens of child rearing. A taste:

I don't believe we can expect men to be equal partners in child-rearing while denying them any say in reproductive decisions.
Go read the rest, as well as the referenced Salon article.

It has long been true that Men are in a bad place whenever a Woman puts her mind to making his life miserable. Ms. Young’s article just exposes the bind that Men find themselves in the abortion question. As I have said before, I am Pro-Life and I come to that position from a secular point of view. Pro-Choice’ers have made a pretty nasty place for themselves when you consider the male point of view in abortion. Of course, they never consider the male point of view.

Now I have to expand the “OK to discriminate against” tag to include another group, Black Males that are Republicans. The crack in the Milwaukee Urinal about Justice Thomas’ “blackness” is just as out of line as the morons that throw Oreo Cookies as Lt. Governor Steele on the campaign trail, not to mention the unlinkable “Sambo” post a few days back on a reprehensible lefty blog. The topper was last night’s Hannity and Combs when the Democratic talking head made the comment that “all the Democrats I know are opposed to this sort of thing” (when he could be moved off his BDS talking points). Isn’t that just as offensive as the “I have lots of Black friends” denial of racism? Besides, he is a Democrat operative in that state, he should know LOTS of Democrats and if “none of them approve” of these tactics, who the heck is doing it?

[End incoherent rant]

We now return to our regularly scheduled mindlessness...

(H/T DBS and Jeff “the blogfather” Goldstein)

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