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Saturday, October 29, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Week 8

This CAN'T be good...

Packers (1-5) at Bengals(5-2) (-9) Over/Under: 46

The team from Cincinnati is no longer "The Bungles".

With the hottest QB/WR combo in the league, the Packers defense has a long day in store. After the second half collapse last week against the pathetic Vikings, I will never be taken in by this mirage of a defense again.

The Packers are not the team that started the season. That team was not very good and injuries have made them worthy of their 1-5 record. Heading into the hardest part of schedule, I can't see a 2004-like comeback.

While I am usually a sucker for big points, I am taking the Bengals and the OVER.

Packers 14
Bengals 38

Fantasy Player: Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson

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