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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Anger: WTF?

Via Jeff, I find this story from al-Reuters with the lede:

Parents have no constitutional right to prevent public schools from exposing children to sexual topics, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Wednesday
Prayers before football games and the Pledge of Allegiance are to be banned from Public Schools, but a sex survey of 7 year-olds is permitted? Give me a break!

For the record, I agree with Andrew McCarthy at the Corner, to a point
I’m no fan of the 9th Circuit (!! - ed), but does anyone here really quarrel with its reasoning in this case?
In a complete vacuum, the case looks to be rightly decided [SHOCK!], but this case is NOT in a vacuum, it is in the same heap of festering judicial activism as the Pledge and Prayer in schools. If the former is allowable, the latter two should be as well. Is there a right to privacy in the Constitution or not? (There isn't)

Get a story and stick to it!

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