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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Sloth: XBOX 360 musings

I will NOT be running out to buy an XBOX 360. It is an impressive system, but well out of my price range and Uncle Bill doesn't need any more of my money.

It looks like EA will be pulling out the "big guns" for the launch

EA (Nasdaq:ERTS - news), the world's biggest video game publisher, will debut the Xbox 360 games, "Need for Speed Most Wanted," "FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup," "NBA Live 06," "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06" and "Madden NFL 06," at Microsoft's X05 event in Amsterdam on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Reads like a murderer's row of genre killing games. I guess if you are EA or Micro$oft, you don't need anybody else to make a console a success. For the sake of the poor saps that buy the 360, I hope these games are good. If not then whole genres are ruined for the system as there is no real reason to compete with EA, unless you like losing money. Even if Madden is bad, there can be no other NFL game because EA owns the NFL license (or... the NFL is EA's bitch).

Speaking of Madden, I really hate what he has become. He is a parody of himself and needs to take the "Maddencruiser" with the stupid "horse trailer" into retirement.

Bonus Geek Reference: Did you know that "EA" is the hex code for "nop" (no operation) on a 6502 processor? Man I love that joke...

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