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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar:INXS Final 4 Boot show

Oh for the love of God, not “Pretty Vegas” yet again. Thank the inventor of the TiVo Fast-Forward button! On to Marty and “Trees” which is MUCH MORE DESERVING. Frickin’ classless rubes cheering for JD.

Cute bit about breaking the guitar… Electric is better, maybe the audience has some redeeming value. I really like that song.

It looks like they are going to do that stupid early voting recap again. I would rather hear JD sing that dam song yet again than waste the time on that.

Yap Yap Yap. Get on with it.

Suzie is first, predictable. I am not familiar with the song, but I am enjoying it. She looks like she is having fun, which she is certainly NOT. A very good performance, I hope it is enough to advance her to the final. Damage control on the exit interview, hope it helps.

Next is JD, YES! There is some justice in the world! He sounds like Elvis doing Michael Hutchens. The wife says it’s more like Bono. Is it a foolish thing to take the song so far away for the original? I mean it is one thing to mess with other people’s covers, this is the band right over there.

Who is the last member of the bottom 3? Right afer this! [TiVo Fast Forward] As expected, it’s Mig. He gets the easiest song! FIX!!! Could he really be blowing it or is it my wishful thinking? I guess it is, because the crowd is going nuts, which will influence the band.

I think it should be JD, as regular readers know, but I bet they want to milk that dam “Pretty Vegas” song for another week. Here it comes.

CRAP! JD lives yet again…

Suzie? WRONG!

Now, Marty best win.

My first thought is that I am less interested because Suzie is off. Of course I will watch next week to see who wins. If its JD, I will feel completely ripped off. If its Mig, I will be OK with it, but still disappointed. If its Marty, I will be really looking forward to the new record with my money ready.

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