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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar INXS, Final 4 Performance show

I am writing this as I watch on TiVo.

Suzie TOTALLY Rocks. There is no doubt in my mind that she is the clear-cut best of the final four. A great show, going into the audience was a good risk to take. I bet CBS wishes hat she chose someone else to stand next to, by that I mean someone attractive. She didn’t do herself any favors in the interview, but talent should trump off-stage stuff. Only INXS knows if they can deal with a female lead. I hope they can.

JD is next. You should know that I don’t like him, so here goes.

Why INXS likes this song is pretty clear, THEY WROTE IT. I was pretty cool when he sung it unaccompanied after screwing his teammates, it was cooler when he first did it, is was annoying to have it be the encore the next night, now I am truly sick of it. What the hell is with the rhinestone bullhorn anyway???? The “Better than pretty” t-shirt is a little over the top, jerkoff. On the other hand, he puts on a pretty great show. I liked the sack-o-cash tossed into the crowd.

Marty is next. I am looking forward to “Trees”, which should have been the encore last week.

Changing up “Trees” to be acoustic is a very pleasant surprise. I REALLY like this song. The wife says that she could hear it as an INXS song. If this is where INXS goes, I am going to be a bigger fan than ever. Dam, Marty is good. Creep is fantastic!

Mig is next. It’s hard to believe that Mig has never been in the bottom three. Not because I don’t like him, but Marty has been and Suzie lied there for a while.

The start of “Paint it black” (one of my favorites ever) was way to Broadway. It’s getting to be much better now, I am enjoying it. Blew the ending. Warning, I have always hated “Kiss from a rose”. The song suits his style much better than “Paint it black”, but is it in the INXS genre? Wife says: “INXS is not a ballad group”.

What the heck is INXS talking about? “You’re not going to be in the bottom 3”.. That is over the top stupid.

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