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Friday, September 02, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar INXS

Update: This is an old post, Please see the main site for Rockstar:INXS updates.

Due to the magic of TiVo, I watched the performance show and the elimination show back to back last night. The only drawback to doing it this way is that you have to be disciplined enough to not look up anything about the show until you watch them both. I am glad I did it this way because it always bothers me when they go to commercial during the elimination show, I understand showmanship, but dammit I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW! This is what the fast forward (x3) button was made for!

Anyway, I was really up for some choir backup and the presence if the string and horn section promised great things in store. The wife and I were totally ready to love every song. Too bad the choir completely sucked rocks and I had a really hard time finding the strings and horns in most of the songs. Just how did the producers find a Baptist choir that could not hold a tune? I mean to give no offense, but isn’t the central part of a black Baptist church service the excellent music? How would a church like that survive very long with a horrible choir like the one we say in the performance show? Even a totally white-bread midwestern boy like myself really digs the Gospel music put out by the likes of Rev. Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Singers and Walt Whitman & Soul Children Of Chicago. Its hard to imagine that CBS couldn’t have found an aspiring group like these in Los Angeles, you know a group with talent.

Susie’s Bohemian Rhapsody was clearly the best of the night and Ty’s song was so awful that I was tempted to Tivo-speed through the last half. I guess that I am in line with the voters because Ty is finally gone and Susie has been the encore for two weeks straight.

I was sort of surprised that INXS didn’t take the opportunity to boot JD when given the chance. The studio debacle alone should have been enough to say, “JD, I’m sorry but you are just not right for our band, INXS”. I suspect that he may be the next one out for that as well as his general “asshole-ness”.

Ty was not going to win this and it is not due to the reason he thinks. I am pretty sure that any rock band doesn’t want a pop singer as the frontman, let alone a totally gay-vibe pop singer. I think it was totally stupid and foolish to play the race card on national TV. Was INXS supposed to give you the job, just to prove that they weren’t racists? I am pretty sure that his gayness did him in more than his blackness, that and the lack of talent.

Right now, I think the last 2 will be Marty and Susie. Marty based on talent and fit for INXS and Susie for talent and the fact the she has Dave Navarro wrapped around her little finger. (“Sweet Susie McNeil!”) Mig may be the best fit, but I think that INXS might not pick him just to avoid the whole “aussie” thing.

Next to go: JD

Update: Please see the main site for Rockstar:INXS updates.

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