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Saturday, September 03, 2005 

Pride: Fox News

I know that Jeff has been lampooning the Fox News hyperbolic on-air antics, but I have not really seen too much of it until last night.

What have we become?

When Jerry Rivers can hold up a baby and cry on-air and Sheppard Smith can give the world a scowl without a coke, we have become lost. I say "we" because they wouldn't provide the circus if we, as a people, didn't demand it.

Last night's debacle was WAY over the top. I switched it off when Sheppard made the angry claim that people were locked into a place and left to die and when they try to leave, the army is there to put them back in their places.

Good God Shep, get a grip.

Update: For the love of God, get Jerry Rivers off my dam TV! (That's Geraldo Rivera for the imagination impared) Thank you for dismissing Shep, I haven't seen him in awhile and I am glad of it.

Update II: As hard as it is to believe, there are morons people out there that actually like Jerry and Shep's antics. Of course, this waste of skin liked the moronic Kanye West stunt, so you know, he's a genius. A pity what BDS does to a person.

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