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Friday, August 12, 2005 

Sloth: Packers

The Packers had their first preseason action last night (thursday) and dispite a really poor performance on defense, managed to pull out a win in the Wisconsin summer rain.

So just how screwed is this guy? Kickers are a strange breed (as one I know one when I see 'em), but how do you explain to your head coach that you missed 3 field goals in the same game that the opposing kicker makes a 54 yarder in the final minute? If his task wasn't hard enough, he also missed a field goal in last year's playoffs that could have kepts the chargers in the hunt. If Marty keeps him around another week, I will be floored. That said, kickers really are a strange breed and often respond to a new situation. Nate could still have a great NFL career ahead of him, it just looks bleak right now.

Ryan Longwell is, IMHO, the best kicker in the league. Anyone that can be that good under the conditions at Lambeau deserves to be named the best. All this from a guy that was brought in to compete with 3rd round pick, Brett Conway. Brett got hurt and never got back into the mix.

The Packers should take note, this guy needs to never be in a uniform other than the green-n-gold. The last time we had a kicker that was even remotely as good as Ryan (Chris Jacke), the Packers let him get away in Free Agency bringing in a dark age of kicking in Green Bay.

You really can't tell much from preseason. This is especially true of the first game, but I fear the defense is just as bad as last year. As the pundits say, with Brett Favre on your team, you always have a chance. I hope that it true, but I suspect we are in for a long season.

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