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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 

Gluttony: Why?

Dear God, why do I do this to myself?

I stumbled over to OlliverWillis.com (I took the pledge not to link). The very first post (as of now anyway) is titled "Whatever It Takes".

That’s the mantra of the Republicans and their apologists - do whatever it takes to “win”, no matter the deficit of decency required to make things happen. In the most recent case we see the coordinated smear of Iraq vet mother Cindy Sheehan.
Now, one could certainly make the point that both sides are nasty, partisan hacks that will stop at nothing to get the other side. In fact, I would agree that there is a "deficit of decency" on both sides. The problem is that Cousin Oliver can't follow through on a good premise for the post.
You see, the mothers of deceased veterans are quite good and useful when they can be used as campaign backdrops by the Dear Leader, but when they speak inconvenient truths, the attack machine must be wheeled into place and pressed into action like it has so many times before.
It’s sad, it’s sick, and its the Republican way.
It seems it is also the Oliver Willis way.

I have stayed true to the Ace of Spades pledge not to link OW, now I will be true to the INDC pledge.

OW fan: What kryptonite have you for me today, master?
OW: Well... ahhhhh. [reads dKos] Cindy Sheehan! Bush=Hitler! KKKarl Rove!
OW fan: GREAT! Same as yesterday! Woo-Hoo! [replaces blinders]

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