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Friday, July 29, 2005 

Envy: uhh...dude

Man, I totally thought I was an irritable SOB with a dark outlook. Jeff makes my attitude look positively sunny!

See, life is hard. Life is a non-stop succession of shit sandwiches. That’s just how it is, and I’m okay with that. Because I’ve had the will totally beaten out of me, you see. I’m God’s bitch. So it’s okay that it’s hard.
I can identify with this, it does seem that the meaning of life revolves around constant suffering.
We need to be trying to figure out how, in a universe that was created by a vengeful, uncaring God specifically to torture innocent human beings, there can be good at all.
Yikes! ummm... dude!... [tugs on collar uncomfortably] that's dark... you totally win.

I thought I was in the top 1% of self-pity/self-loathing. Along comes Jeff to mellow my harsh. Yet another way I am inadequate. I'm switching to decaf.


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