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Thursday, August 25, 2005 

Anger: Huffington Post

Yesterday I posted here that I made a comment on a post at "Huffington Post". They say that all comments are read before being let out on the site. From this I jokingly stated that my comment would not be let out on their site because it didn't jive with their dogma. It never made it to the site! Here is my comment:

Please do go back to Crawford, every time Cindy opens her mouth she exposes the Anti-everything left for what they really are, on the other side. This makes fighting the war much easier for everyone.
Here is a selection of comments that the screeners thought worthy of putting up on the site:
Don't let Karl Rove and his "truth squad" smear you Cindy. They're going to try and tear you down, any way possible.

Stay strong.
Can't WAIT to head to D.C. for some massive protests. Anyone see Bush in Utah today? He looks 70 already, Bubble Boy is not holding up well at all. Good.
Cindy stay strong in the face of attacks by those who use violence and death as a means to an end, it's the only language they know. Thank you for standing up for the truth!
Cindy I know that you are stronger than all these chickenhawk idiots. Hang in there Honey we are with you all the way. It is time this little bantam rooster to be shown for the greedy liar that he is. It's all going come out even if it takes until after the 2006 elections and replace these sick twisted neocons.
Here is my favorite:

If (God forbid) George fell off his mountain bike and sustained major brain damage would there be any way to tell?
It seems that Ms. Huffington's wage slaves have high standards for the writing of comments and that my comment wasn't as well written as required by these standards. I will try to do better in the future.

They couldn't be censoring for content...right?

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