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Monday, August 22, 2005 

Anger: F'ing Doctors

I have returned, alive and well. I was one this weekend on another of those long car trips in support of the move. The old house is pretty much empty and ready for renting or selling. Right now either would be fine with me, just stop the cash bleeding...

Anyway on to the title...

While I was in my old hometown, I completely freaked out because I was having chest pains. Well, not really chest pains, but high stomach pains, right below the rib cage. Under normal circumstances, this would not have been a problem, but I still had that moron “Doctor” in my head. I was all “I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth, this is the big one!”. I headed to the local ER and checked myself in, steeling myself to the possibility that I would be required to have a needle stuck in me. Notice, the thought of dying or having emergency surgery isn’t what was freaking me out, go figure.

So they take a new EKG and give me an aspirin. A few minutes later, the doctor comes in to tell me calm down and go “home”. I was not having a “cardiac event”, nor is there any reason to believe that I would in the near future. That dam quack had me all freaked out for no good reason. In fact, when I told the ER doctor what my former primary care doctor said, he was completely puzzled. My EKG was “nearly normal” and showed no damage to my heart as far as the test could tell. What the hell was that “you had a massive heart attack” crap? What the hell was I scheduled for all these tests and pushed for a blood sample?

I am seriously considering suing this quack for emotional distress.

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